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Re: Morrisey: 'Margret Thatcher did not give a shit about people'

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^ Um, you realize that without her, or the much needed reforms, you'd be on par with Paraguay now? Thankfully, the UK now has a 7.8 percent unemployment rate. Greece has a 27 or 28 percent unemployment rate.
Most people don't object to the general idea that change was necessary from the setup in the '70s.

It's the way in which entire communities were just basically switched off with no real eye to the very predictable fallout.

You closed a pit and that saved the State money. But it also put ancillary businesses out of action and so more people in that area lost their jobs. With so much less disposable income in the community, even more businesses were hit and even more people in that area lost their jobs. Other countries around the world underwent deindustrialisation without anything like the same impact, because it's possible to plan ahead and make contingencies for the fallout. That's the real source of people's ire.

There are other issues with Thatcher - the ambivalence about South Africa, the poll tax, the SAS training the Khmer Rouge, to name a few.

tl;dr it's not necessary to think the NUM was right in order to think that Thatcher was wrong.
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