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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I think Data made the wrong choice of escape pods to rescue.

My reasons:

A) The Immortal had a LONG, full life -- without question -- while Rhea's life was just beginning.
But Data's priority was to restore Lal. Flint could do that; Rhea couldn't. He didn't choose Flint over Rhea, he chose his daughter over Rhea.

B) Didn't Flint divulge the secrets of positronic resurrection to Data and the other AIs after being tortured? Data could've saved Rhea, then re-ignited Lal later with the Immortal's instructions.
Flint explained a couple of times in the novel that it wasn't a set of instructions he could write down or describe to someone, but a special knack that required his own intuition/experience/whatever. Only he was able to make it work.

C) Rhea's just a great character and it's disappointing that her story in Trek lit is over.
If the only characters who ever died were faceless redshirts, it wouldn't have any emotional impact, would it?
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