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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I really hope that the restoration work in the Season 4 trailer measures up to CBS-D standards. I've already skipped season 2, I don't want to skip anymore.
Season 2 visual effects restoration may not have been up tot the standards of season 1, but they still look many times better compared to SD broadcasts. Furthermore, HTV's remastering of the live action elements can hardly be faulted and the VAM by Lay and Burnett is absolutely fantastic. You're missing out on a lot by skipping season 2.
Yes, you are right. He's missing out. Definitely S2 on Bluray is better than S2 on DVD. That is clear. But...

The truth is, however, we all are missing out because of the major HTV screwup.
The S2 VFX (ship shots, planets etc.) in majority are vastly sub par to the fantastic S1 (and so far looks like) S3 jobs.
And the reason is not because the original show is old and shots do not hold up, as evidenced by the same footage comparison between S1-S2-S3, but because HTV got greedy, lazy or incompetent.
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