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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

But what was the crap where it was just hands coming out of the shadow like an assassin?

That was totally out of character.

But then making them biomecnanoid just turns the ice warriors into half assed Cyberman and it's it's all technology, why cose that shape which is so unike their physical form set obviusly a biological avatar of some kind... Really, why would factories turn out this standard design when every "Icewarrior" can have their armour peronally modified and detailed if they are still people on the inside and not programmed and conditioned wetwar.

Who did the Martians fight?

Was there another planet in the solar system with life other than the Modaians?

Maybe the Silurians?

Or did their civil wars extendnto space?

Retroactively after the formation of a world gvernment, all wars between humans will be seen as "civil wars".

Sutek was on Earth but the forcefield holding him in place was projected form Mars.
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