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Re: The Newsroom Season 2 returns on July 14th!

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He's not predictable to people who are ignorant of his work.

How is it Aaron's fault that we have consumed and remembered everything he's put in front of us?

Most writers have in them just one story they trying to tell again but more perfectly.

Aaron has at least 3 stories.
Still, it's hard not to draw comparisons. Judd Hirsch's meltdown in the beginning of Studio 60 versus Will's "America is not the greatest country in the world anymore" rant.

I still think "The West Wing" is the best of Sorkin's work. The dialogue was tight, the actors were amazing, and the stories have aged well and were layered and insightful in the realm of politics. "Newsroom" is probably second. Studio 60 third, and SportsNight fourth.

Sometimes it's just playing it safe, too. A real writer challenges himself to tell more than one story. He's become a little formulaic.

Take Stephen Spielberg. He's done everything from Lincoln to War Horse, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, E.T., Smash, Indiana Jones, etc. He's had a long and storied career and that's a great artist. He's not the writer, but he doesn't use the same camera angles and lens filters for each scene. You can't see a Indiana Jones movie and know when he has a fingerprints on a piece.

I think he's done too much writing. He becomes the only guy in the room and he's popular so he can get away with telling the same story over and over again. An artist challenges themselves. He's almost become a caricature of himself. He uses the same phrases "Reasons passing understanding," for instance.
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