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Re: Comments From Someone Who Has Seen Into Darkness

^ That's a good point, and it's a hard one for them to address. At least the other films had the backing of the years of episodes (most viewers wouldn't have seen every episode, but if they had enough interest to pay money for a Trek film, they'd likely have caught a little bit of it) and the familiarity built up between the cast members.

I read something in the plot synopsis about the Enterprise crew being the only family Kirk has, and I wonder how on earth they can manage to convey that. Not only do they have very little time to establish the relationships, he's gone from being an upstart cadet to captain - frankly, I'd imagine there'd be a degree of resentment from those who were leapfrogged. Something which I would take for granted with the original cast and characters doesn't ring true with this one.
Kim: I'm detecting some weird technobabble.
Janeway: A possibly dangerous anomaly that we know nothing about?
Kim: Yeah. I suppose we should steer clear.
Janeway: Ha! Good one, Ensign. Take us in, Mr. Paris.
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