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Re: The Newsroom Season 2 returns on July 14th!

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3. They've got to be doing something on all of the gun violence last year. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, it's too prominent for Sorkin not to get into. Plus, he did a fair amount of episodes on gun control issues for The West Wing. Maybe the actual events won't be directly referenced due to matters of good taste, especially Sandy Hook, but there will be a gun control plot line at some point.
Yeah, I remember when Martin Sheen was shot in Rosslyn, CJ said "the President wasn't the only victim of gun violence last night." I remember the conversation between Sam and Ainsley Hayes about guns in season 2. "You don't like the people, Sam." "This White House that loves the Bill of Rights, except the 2nd." Trying to sue the Klan after Josh was shot at Rosslyn.

It does feel like this is post-Sorkin in a lot of ways. The relationship with Will and Mac seems like Casey and Dana in Sportsnight, Matt Albie and Harriet Hayes on Studio 60. The focus on political news is like West Wing, although without the fictional universe. All the shows are littered with characters that want to do their job in the orthodox manner. There's just a lot that he's done before.

The difference is that Newsroom is better than SportsNight or Studio 60 (the comedy was bad). And I think that's important, but it means Sorkin has become a little predictable.
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