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Re: The Newsroom Season 2 returns on July 14th!

I have toyed with the idea of starting a thread speculating on what news events they'll cover in the new season. My guesses:

1. The presidential elections, natch.

2. Hurricane Sandy makes sense, mostly for the reason Count Zero mentioned (the show takes place in NY)

3. They've got to be doing something on all of the gun violence last year. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, it's too prominent for Sorkin not to get into. Plus, he did a fair amount of episodes on gun control issues for The West Wing. Maybe the actual events won't be directly referenced due to matters of good taste, especially Sandy Hook, but there will be a gun control plot line at some point.

'Course, I say all of this without knowing when the scripts were written or when episodes were shot. So maybe some of these events were too recent to make it into season two...
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