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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

Tosk wrote: View Post
And I've never understood how seeing your own ethnicity/race in a production somehow makes it better. But maybe that's just me?
Mostly just you, I expect. In addition to being more true to life, it certainly does make a difference to see people who look like you, or act like you, on screen.

sidious618 wrote: View Post
I 100% agree with her on all those shows except Mad Men. Mad Men is about the rich, entitled pricks in business at the time and those were largely white men along with a few white women thrown in.

Now, they could have created plot lines that would have placed the characters in more diverse situations, and they certainly could have covered the Civil Rights Movement in more depth, but I don't have much of a problem with the way they're depicting the era. Hell, I was born in the 80's and my high school was whiter than SCDP is.

That said, any other show taking place in NYC that goes weeks at a time showing only white people? Insane.
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