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Re: Aereo-like cable, but cheaper

Lets not forget the media corporations that won't allow cable, fiber and satellite companies to carry popular channels unless the cable/fiber/satellite company also includes the media company's niche channels (Caution: this may include Trek BBS member favorites like SyFi and BBC America) in the same programming tier.

Then there are the local broadcasters who periodically demand more generous compensation for retransmission rights and pester local viewers (subscribers and non-subscribers) for weeks with pleas to demand the cable/fiber/satellite company carry their channels (and generously compensate them for it. These are the same advertiser funded channels many of the viewers can watch absolutely free with a standard antenna.

Of course the cable/fiber/satellite companies aren't going to dip into their corporate assets to cover those expenses. They and their stock holders aren't going to all that trouble to bleed their bank accounts dry. They will pass the higher costs onto the subscribers in the form of rate increases.
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