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Re: What should be the next musical adapted for the movies?

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I don't see how it even needs much updating. For a show that's more than 40 years old, it still seems surprisingly modern.
As evidence...Hendricks, Neil Patrick Harris. Joy.
There's just one small change in the dialogue -- "flight attendant" instead of "stewardess."

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Spamalot is a no-go. Just no.
Why is that?

A) Holy Grail still exists, and

B) Spamalot is heavily concerned with the idea of putting on a Broadway show, which the general public outside of Broadway fandom doesn't much care about.
The original 1968 film The Producers also centered around putting on a Broadway show -- as have countless backstage musicals from the 1930s on.

As for the 2005 film of the musical version of The Producers, well, I've seen it and it simply isn't very good.

I haven't seen Spamalot on stage, but from descriptions of the show, it seems that it would be difficult to translate to film. Of course, they said the same thing about Chicago.
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