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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Hubby and I just bought the board game "Dominion". We haven't played games in ages and we're looking forward to starting again. We nearly bought "Munchkin Quest" which just looked like silly fun, but we decided to go with the game we had played recently with friends.

Anyone have any suggestions for board games that 2 (and more) can play?
You have SO come to the right place.

Hubby and all his friends are hard-core board-game geeks.
Some of the one our group plays A LOT:
-Settlers of Catan (there's also a Star Trek Catan, which is awesome). This is a great game, but expensive as it's not worth playing unless you get the expansions.
-Battlestar Galatica. Based on the nuBSG, role playing cooperative game. The guys love it. Needs 4+.
-Pillars of the Earth. Based on book/minseries. Building a cathedral, earning money & points.
-Power Grid. A very cool game, much cooler than building power plants should be.
-Agricola. Easy to learn. Lots of fun building; hard to master.
-Puerto Rico. Fun for groups. Tons of little fiddly things but deceptively complex.
-San Juan, card game version of Puerto Rico. I kick ass at this game.
-ANY of the Munchin card games are fun as hell.
-Pandemic. A cooperative group game. Stop the epidemics spreading around the world. Challenging game where everyone must work together to win.
-Runebound. Fantasy fighting board game. Some D&D influences. Fun and easy but takes HOURS to play.
-Carcasonne. A fun, tile-placement building game. Easy, portable with bright colors.
-Princes of Florence. Tile building/bidding game.
For big groups of 6 or more, BANG! is a favorite. It's a card game, based on Italian Spaghetti-Westerns.

If you're looking for strictly two person games, try:
Lost Cities (very pretty card game)
Carcasonne 2or more
San Juan--2 or more
Kingdoms 2 or more(tile laying, scoring points in columns; Beowolf is the expanded, prettier version)
Boom-O. 2 or more. Slightly similar to Uno, only with bombs exploding in your face. You know, as you do....
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