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I like the episode a lot, but the issue I have with it is the half-Vulcan baby. I've never understood what Paxton hopes to gain by creating what he allegedly hopes to prevent. Pointed ears or not I don't think even a somewhat logical mind could expect pictures of an infant to send people into pitchfork wielding mobs, at least not in large enough numbers to help his cause.
Yeah I think he is misreading his potential audience there. Plenty of people would see the natural similarities which bind the races together when they see a baby that needs to be cared for and responds in the same way human babies do.
Prior to Elizabeth's birth it was thought that humans and Vucans could not procreate. By showing Elizabeth with her obvious human/Vulcan parentage, Paxton is using the baby to tell humans that at some point "pure" humans may one day become extinct.

When it comes to this type of thing, some people can become unhinged, I don't care how cute a baby might be. Think of it this way, if at some point in America's past it was thought that blacks and whites could not procreate, just think of the panic that would have generated from pictures of a half white, half black baby. It might have caused mass rioting.

The main point of Demons/Terre Prime was to let us know that even in those "enlightened" times, man still had "demons" to conquer, demons they weren't even aware still existed. Thus Paxton;s belief that humans' reaction to the sight of the baby would have been one of horror rather than, "aww".
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