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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Can they do this?

To sum up: During the Dodgers/D-backs game at Chase Field a bunch of Dodger fans decided to buy some pricey suite seats behind home plate. The D-backs' owner found out and ordered them to either move, or put on D-backs gear.

Can they do that? It can't be simply because they're visible on TV; I've seen plenty of games in other ballparks in which visiting fans can clearly be seen behind home plate.
That's a jerkish move to say the least. When you have a sign right next to that area trying to desperately sell season tickets, you should be thankful for whomever's buying your tickets, visting team fans or not. Fans of the visiting team have every right to buy any ticket they want to. If the manager finds that so offensive, he just needs to be honest and prohibit sales.
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