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I like the episode a lot, but the issue I have with it is the half-Vulcan baby. I've never understood what Paxton hopes to gain by creating what he allegedly hopes to prevent. Pointed ears or not I don't think even a somewhat logical mind could expect pictures of an infant to send people into pitchfork wielding mobs, at least not in large enough numbers to help his cause.

I also don't like how the baby's death casts an unnecessary dark shadow over an episode that climaxes with a generally hopeful speech by Archer about humanity's future. Given that the following episode is a holodeck recreation that takes place years later and is generally disregarded by the majority of fans, the series as we have known it for four seasons ends with two of the main character grieving the loss of a child they barely knew, who had been created without their knowledge or consent for the purposes of somehow furthering a racist agenda.

I'm all for drama and whatnot but I've never seen how anything that this particular subplot contributes to the episode makes it worth ending the story (and, for many, the series) on that note.
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