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Re: in favor of it's new matrix....

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Could the debate over Cumberbatch not resembling Montalban be summed up by the fact that future Khan was killed in the Genesis Wave and was regenerated in favor of a new matrix?
So, the Genesis device was programed to destroy everyone and remake them blue eyed and white? Wait until Hitler (or the GOP) gets wind of this.
Hold on, WarpFactorZ; you're erring on a couple of levels here.

First: the "blue-eyed and white/Hitler" crack is pretty tacky and it's unnecessary in this context. I'd like it a lot if you avoided that sort of thing altogether in this forum.

Second: I've requested many times over the last several years that politics be checked at the door. Here we talk about Star Trek, and political topics—unless they have some actual bearing upon a story or story point under discussion—should be left outside the forum. Making a partisan dig (as you did here) and compounding it by tying it to Hitler/Nazis is completely out of line, and it'll earn you a warning if I see anything of the sort from you again.

We're all Trek fans here, so play nice.

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The Genesis Aryan device.
That also could have been better done without.
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