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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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if a sff show adopts a lost type model for its format I pass,,,that convoluted mystery laden show based on history will not work and does nothing for me. How about establishing interesting characters first then throw in two or three limited arcs.
Nice idea in theory -- but on the other hand, a lot of shows lose viewers quickly if they're too episodic to start with, because many viewers today need to feel there's an arc, that the stories are really going somewhere. Threshold, for instance -- its arc started kicking in just 4-5 episodes in, but by then a lot of viewers had already tuned out on the assumption that it would be too much a formulaic case-of-the-week show, and the series was cancelled after about 9 episodes. (In fact, ironically, the arc really kicked into high gear in the very next episode.) Audiences these days just don't seem to have the patience for a show that takes its time to establish the world and characters before the story arcs kick in.
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