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Re: Comments From Someone Who Has Seen Into Darkness

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With the new rebooted crew, however, we have not yet had a chance to see them in uniform; we have not seen them doing routine missions. Having them out of uniform and going rogue now does not have the same impact it did back in the 80s.
And with a movie coming out only once every 3-4 years, routine is not something we can expect. We've seen little in the way of routine missions in the Trek movies, usually at the beginning of the film and quickly interrupted by other events -- the routine training cruise in TWOK (which was far from a routine TOS-style mission for the ship), the Grissom's routine survey of Genesis, the Excelsior's 3-year survey of gaseous anomalies (which sounds like a mind-numbingly dull way to spend three years), and the E-E's first-contact mission with the Evora (itself not quite routine since normal first-contact protocols had been accelerated due to the Dominion War and the need for allies). We have never yet seen a Star Trek movie that was just about the Enterprise exploring a new planet or happening across a discovery while on its regular patrol. Which goes with what I said earlier, that Star Trek movies do not fit the usual mold of Star Trek stories very well.

In this case, the initial mission to Nibiru seems to be an attempt to portray the crew on a sort of mission-of-the-week, though it's one that diverges from routine in its own way and has consequences later in the film.
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