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Re: Comments From Someone Who Has Seen Into Darkness

billcosby wrote: View Post
Based on what I've seen/read thus far, my guess would be that it rates lower as a Trek film because Kirk spends very little screen time:
a) on the bridge of his ship
b) in a starfleet uniform
Although the same could be said of most of the previous Trek films... they are always going rouge, against orders, etc.
Going rouge? Like Worf did when he joined DS9?

Seeing Kirk and crew disobeying orders and hijacking the Enterprise in their civilian outfits was pretty shocking in TSfS because it was so different than what came before. In the series and the two movies thus far, we rarely saw Kirk out of uniform. With the new rebooted crew, however, we have not yet had a chance to see them in uniform; we have not seen them doing routine missions. Having them out of uniform and going rogue now does not have the same impact it did back in the 80s.
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