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Re: Comments From Someone Who Has Seen Into Darkness

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But I got the impression Germany doesn't know or care who Khan is; that they were just releasing a standard descriptive blurb for their theater owners.
Which they may have assembled by doing an online search and finding one of the many, many articles out there repeating the rumor that it's Khan. I think that's how the Entertainment Weekly "leak" that it was Khan got out last month.

Like I said... this rumor has been around for years, since before the movie was even written. Well, it was just speculation and wishful thinking at first, but the meme became well-established and eventually evolved into a rumor. That's why I'm so skeptical of it. It would be just as pervasive whether it's true or not. If what we were hearing about the movie were something that nobody could've guessed in advance, that would be credible. But when it's the one thing that has been guessed and speculated about more than anything else, the one rumor that fans have been assuming would be true since before the filmmakers themselves even knew what the movie would be about, then the eleventy-zillionth reiteration of that claim is not clear evidence of anything one way or the other.

Especially since the evidence I'm seeing from interview comments and from the Countdown to Darkness prequel comic suggests that the threat comes from within Starfleet itself. The number 31 came up in the comic.

They could do a Trek movie about the human condition, but they'd have to keep the budget very low to compensate for low ticket sales.
And that's a sad commentary on the moviegoing audience. Still, it sounds good to me. Low-budget science fiction can be smart, compelling science fiction -- see Moon, for example, or Chronicle.
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