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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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Well you know why I bring it up because it seems that James Holmes is not crazy after all and is gonna get executed.

Eh, no offense but this post doesn't really have much ground. The perpetrator of that massacre's final fate has yet to reach a verdict. Furthermore, there is still a very strong case to made for this guy being insane. Prior to committing that heinous act he was already meeting with a psychiatrist(who detected signs of dangerous homicidal urges from him, and sought to warn the university of this before he dropped out). If anything, he shouldn't even be thrown the death penalty charge because it would only let him off easy and put him out of his misery, not to mention it would take 10 to 20 years for the execution to even commence. In stark contrast to his victims, he would be killed in a non-violent way through lethal injection. Now a proper resolution would be life without parole, similar to what the suspect in the Tuscon mass-killings got which would lead to the whole thing being resolved without need for the long, complicated trial process to transpire. The prosecutors should've have just accepted the guilty plea been done with it, unfortunately they allowed their inner self-righteousness, along with being swayed by emotional sympathy for the victims family to prevent them from making the proper choice.

Now it's going to be a long, long, time for that guy to receive justice, which means emotions of the victims families and friends will be running high without closure for a long dreadful time. God help us all.

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