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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

Ghost Bones wrote: View Post
It was ok. Unobjectionable. The atmosphere was there and the sets were completely convincing (the question of "isn't this a bit big for a sub" didn't occur to me, but I am thick). A shame the story itself was a bit perfunctory. Good performances too.
That's what I was thinking. Terrific production values masking a mechanical, just passable, story and nearly getting away with it.

I thought a little bit about the sub just because I toured a decommissioned one last summer but even then I didn't find it over-the-top.

Psion wrote: View Post
Aaaand so much for all our speculation last week that the TARDIS didn't like Clara and wasn't translating for her.
I thought it was a bit odd that they included that after the TARDIS vanished away. I mean, apparently it has quite a range as we've seen but as a story beat it seemed odd to not mention that.


I did like Clara being affected by the deaths. After dropping her off last episode I was surprised to just see her onboard the TARDIS. I'm not quite sure how their relationship works at this point, is she full-time onboard now or picked up occasionally?

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