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Re: Why I Wrote A Mad Men Episode With Negroes, by Erika Alexander

Game of Thrones is set thousands of years in the future on another planet, that considering the erratic orbit around the sun, might not even be a planet... Winter could just be the time the biosphere spends inbetween solar systems... If it's real that is, and not VR. I was thinking that winter was about preserving power when the ship is too far away form a power supply (sun) but it might just be a method of thinning the human stock when they become too plentiful for the ships resources to maintain.

The only thing that kept black people back and white people white up to this point is racism. Now that it is LESS culturally offensive for people to stray from expectations, white people are going to get darker and Black people are going to get lighter until the white people are black and the black people are white and they all start again from opposite sides.
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