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Re: Are All Universes Ultimately Connected?

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^ And not even that definitive, really. Just because Tommy might have dreamed of a thing, a place, an entire show, etc., doesn't mean it didn't "really happen".

And who's to say that the final scene itself wasn't the dream?
The scene really loses a lot that way because it doesn't have any bearing on every episode before it then.

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Best "WTF?" moment in television history.
Didn't DALLAS pull this stunt, as well? (I never watched a single episode, but I remember hearing others talk about it.) "It was all a dream." What a cop out—the writers paint themselves into a corner, then wipe it all away with a lame excuse.
Eh, characters coming back from the dead isn't all that surprising in soap operas, even primetime ones. What was perhaps more surprising (or disappointing, depending on your point of view) was how they brought the character back, IMO.
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