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Da Vinci's Demons is Complex.

"This upends the balance of Power!"

"No! This decapitates the very concept and shits down it's neck!"

I'm 20 minutes into the pilot, and I've seen 8 people killed horibly and three sets of perfect breasts. There's a healthy wage of politics, swearing, racism, sword fights and it seems a love story, then stunts and drugs... Opium with DS9's Doctor Bashir.

There are worse people in the world to get stoned with.

"She's appealing, I'll grant you that, but I'd rather bed that toothless old hag over there, it takes no great skill to fuck a pretty face, but to bed a truly ugly woman, that actually takes discipline, and let me tell you my friend, done right, a transplendant experience."

A lot is happening, no ones holding their dick, Leo seems to be looking for a more powerful world, we're getting hints about the Illuminati and Vatican conspiracies and the Book of leaves, which means that we're moments away from someone saying "the Holy Grail".

He's talking about making war machines.

I wonder if it will look just like a Dalek like CBBC's Leonardo's War machine did look like last year?

Oh, and there's rampant homosexuality. Not love mind you, just rich old men with young boys walking off with a hand full of copper coins. Why on earth invent rich people if there aren't whores to take their money?

More boobs!

And semi famous c-list celebrity boobs.

Laura Haddock.

Not bad. Nice twist at the end unfootting every other buggers standing on the game board.
"Glitter is the herpes of arts and craft."

Troy Yingst. My Life as Liz

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