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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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Probably because it is (and I mean no offense) boring as hell.
Boring to you, not to the millions of people who have read similar stories in science fiction and fantasy. Have you ever read the two Han Solo books? Or the Lando Calrissian books?
Or any other book about space traders/space commerce? All of them are as exciting as stories based around military characters and adventures.
Nope and I don't really don't care.

The 1960s show had people going on fun space adventures and getting involved with all sorts of weird crap. Kind of like Star Trek 2009 did.
But they didn't have the adventures of people like Harry Mudd doing his thing and getting out of scrapes, did they? Since they didn't, this is the first.
Except Harry Mudd didn't get out of his scrapes Kirk threw his ass in the brig for either almost getting them killed twice or generally making their lives difficult by either almost unleashing an army of androids who anted to take over the universe or whatever the hell that thing with the love potion stuff from TAS was about.

Hell he never factored into anything until after he ran into the Enterprise

This thing sounds like it has two people hauling crap form one place to another and aren't going to deal with the weird crap or basic space adventure stuff and if they did it would either eat them alive or else it look ridiculous as hell that some freighter could handle stuff state of the art starship have trouble with.
As I said above, it'll have what stories like this have-the adventures of a civilian spacer and how the ship cargo from place to place-stories that have existed in literary sci-fi for years.
Again sounds boring.

To paraphrase the opening lines from a famous early 1960s police procedural, 'There are 1,000 stories of the big galaxy-this is one of them.'
And I tend to like the ones that are about space adventures

As said before how the hell would they know it its a better story than Into Darkness which hasn't come out yet?
Failure on my part-I should have indicated the 2009 movie only. People don't like the 2009 movie, and feel that the current movie will be more of the same.
How nice for them.

To such people, this story has more heart than the 2009 movie and the upcoming one.
The same people who probably either don't like TOS or think it was the same as TNG basically.

Also, many fans have probably wondered about what civilian life in the Star Trek universe is like-this show displayes that (and displays that quite well.)
You assume that.
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