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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

It was a good ish. All setup. The innuendo on the Lois/Clark show scene was great. For a second I thought I got lucky and the book was taking a turn for the porno. It didn't turn out that way but it was a thrilling three seconds.

The Booster/Beetle stuff was alright. I haven't seen the episodes they appeared in for a while so I had a hard time recalling their Smallville history. The cliffhanger with Clark and Booster in a post-apocalyptic future was really kewl but... It implies that Earth survives the Crisis which bums me out some. Gimme some doubt even though there is none. That's not really a complaint though. I have the same issue with mainstream DC too. You just know the world isn't going to end because of the Legion's future history.
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