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Re: Trek Year: To Boldly Watch Every Episode in One Year

teacake wrote:
I could easily watch it all in a year but review it all? That takes heroic stamina. I'd get sick of talking about it before I got sick of watching it.
I think it's neat that he's documenting his opinions on the episodes as they are not fromal reviews it's more of a journal. How many times have we've seen in here that someone boldly declare they are going to watch all of Star Trek, then we never here from them again?

Lord Garth wrote:
TOS is much better known than it's actually been watched.

As a result, those who haven't seen TOS take the exaggerations at face value. Those who haven't seen TOS in a very long time, have fuzzy memories and only the what stands out famously or infamously sticks out and that feeds into what others hear about it and taking that at face value. And tastes changed, so there would be fans of TNG who didn't like TOS.

All of that adds up over time. So yeah, the image of TOS and what's built up from the myth and the stories is a lot different from what I thought when I was sitting down and actually watching it.
I agree with this I also think TOS has acquired a bit of a sacred cow status, among SF enthusiasts and the general public to the point where it's seen as TOS is the only Trek worth watching/caring about.

Lord Garth wrote:
Even the third season, I wouldn't call it a bad season as a whole, just a mediocre season with an equal handful of good and infamously bad episodes... but I'll wait until you post your S3 review until I get into that.
Season 3 does have the highest concentration of crummy eps in it, you can thank Fred Freiberger for that.
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