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Re: Comments From Someone Who Has Seen Into Darkness

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Her friend gave it 3 stars out 5 as a Star Trek movie, but 4/5 as a normal movie.
I find that there's no better indication that something is fundamentally wrong with a series than when something like this is said.

A good movie is a good movie is a good movie. If you have to make a bad movie in order to make good Star Trek, something is very wrong with Star Trek.

Nobody is saying that. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Let's use a somewhat facetious example. Say they decided to make a prequel Sopranos movie, but turned it into an action thriller with a hot young cast. It may be a spectacular movie, the best action thriller of the year, but despite having the same setting and characters (at least in name and superficial characteristics), it's a bad Sopranos movie.
Kim: I'm detecting some weird technobabble.
Janeway: A possibly dangerous anomaly that we know nothing about?
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