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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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...Actually, now that I think about it, what's the deal with Bo never lifting a finger to actually get Dyson back?! I mean, it's not like it was a big secret what happened to him. Dyson told her what the Norn did. But it took Kenzi to think of the chainsaw option while Bo spent most of the season moping and subconsciously blaming Dyson...
Get him back from what?

Bo didn't know that Dyson "couldn't" love any more, just that he "didn't" love her anymore so she moved on with Lauren.
Bo did so know that Dyson couldn't love any more. At least, she should have. Dyson tried to make that quite clear in "Something Wicked This Fae Comes" & "I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)." It's not that he wanted to stop loving her. His emotions were mystically taken from him. Her attempts at seducing him back were doomed to fail. The problem was mystical. What she needed to do was at least ask Trick if he knew anything about a mystical cure.

I would have appreciated even a token scene of her asking Trick about it and Trick either being evasive or brusquely telling Bo that the Norn is dangerous and she should leave it alone.

I'm just not sure whether Bo's lack of action on this front comes from ambivalence regarding her feelings for Dyson or one of those moments where she's just being kinda dumb. (Much as I love Bo and as much as I think she's a bastion of humanity, she can just be infuriatingly dumb at times.)

And whenever I see Bo & Lauren being romantic, I just feel like the two of them are speaking a different language. As nice as she is, Lauren feels like she doesn't fit in with the rest of the group. To make another Buffy comparison, she's the Riley Finn of the group.
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