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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

I skimmed the thread a little but it doesn't seem like any of you have locked onto the consequences of the TARDIS Waiting half a world a way from the Doctor and Clara which the "next Week on Doctor Who" seemed to explain in clear detail unless it's just an amusing coincidence that they strike the 1980s again twice in a row.

They have to take the slow path.

Sure the Russians could use a military transport, and they could probably get these two back to the TARDIS inside 40 hours once some one explains to the polit bureau why the plane has to be commandeered... But where's the fun in that?

How many of the next few episodes, the rest of the season are going to be rooted fast to 1983 as they wander between a series of weekly 1983 problems?

I try to stay spoiler free, and you've probably known about this for months if I'm not imagining it.

The episode was much better than last week, although Clara's chat with Skaldak seemed terribly manufactured to make Clara seem useful... Who was the British popstar that wore a Russian naval uniform? Adam Ant?

Hasn't seen them out of their armour? What the hell did he think was with the little Ice Warrior Lords? Was that different armour or skin and scales? Had there been some sort of Forced Evolutionary (Eugenics, not natural sellection.)push to create defined thinkers and defined fighters, because we've never seen a big "Ice" Warrior do much but follow orders up to this point.

The Seeds of Death "happened" in the early 21st century. It could take Sardak 20 years to get his shit together and then he comes back to Earth... Or he spends 20 years speaking up for humanity delaying the invasion or creating a merciful way of eradicating humanity quickly. It's not like he has total credibility, historic war hero yesterday sure, but if George Washington walked into the White House today and insisted the Obama nuke England because he's still pissed, they'd drag him out as a crazy person even if they did believe him.

The Doctor must have seen the connection between that invasion and the introduction of this character into Martian politics.

Did Clara really save the day by singing hungry like the wolf, because Sardak was listening and it reminded him of his long dead daughter? And frankly who ever the Martians who were rescued him had a policy with which they used to deal with Earthicans and they probably thought Sardak was a raving a loon and sedated him if he was demanding instant global devastation.
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