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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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the civilian side that we rarely ever see in the shows, novels, and movies.
Probably becuase it is (and I mean no offense) boring as hell.

Also, it hearkens back to the 1960's show somewhat.
The 1960s show had people going on fun space adventures and getting involved with all sorts of weird crap. Kind of like Star Trek 2009 did.

This thing sounds like it has two people hauling crap form one place to another and aren't going to deal with the weird crap or basic space adventure stuff and if they did it would either eat them alive or else it look ridiculous as hell that some freighter could handle stuff state of the art starships have trouble with.

That, and people who've see all of it (not just some-check out the whole movie) feel that it's a better story the the 2009 movie or the upcoming one.
As said before how the hell would they know it its a better story than Into Darkness which hasn't come out yet?
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