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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

The problem isn't really with Jolene Blalock I find. Every other Vulcan regular we've ever seen, were already very humanised to a degree when we first see them. They have human friends or are at least aware what to expect, and be tolerant about. Tolerance that's reacted to by others, with good humour mostly. They're wise old sage-like figures, whose advice is always right and acted on with a minimum amount of contradiction or compromise by the Captain.

It's a recurring theme for Vulcan characters to go off and meditate or try to achieve Kolinarr, to detoxify themselves of emotions they've picked up being around aliens. They get home to take part in some archaic ceremony and are probably looked on as having been contaminated. Spock was looked upon as an outsider to begin with, even more, with his human side being brought up an awful lot. He believes in the example set by Surak and holds true to the high ideals of IDIC... but there are non-Spock examples in TOS, TAS and the movies, which might lead you to believe not all Vulcans are that liberal and moderate in their views privately and sometimes, not so privately.

To be honest, I can't quite decide if they are naturally pedantic and dismissive of others, therefore considering themselves superior or if that's because they have more cause to be around those who act on instinct and emotion first. It's a clash of cultures, and it carries right through until that baseball game on the holosuite DS9 episode. Although those Vulcans display their contempt for others with subtlety and a couple centuries worth of understanding... but they're still clearly pushing Sisko's buttons, exhibiting a bit of superiority complex through a supposedly friendly rivalry.
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