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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

MeTV shows Hogan's Heroes Saturdays at 6 pm, for an hour. One of last week's shows was the one with Roger C Carmel as a German general that they somehow take prisoner during one of their missions. (wish how i knew how to do captures off my HDD recorder...) (this is one where try to get where his unit is, by making him think he is dying)

Apparently one of Carmel's schticks is the business where he is trying to loudly explain himself while being pushed someplace/or surrounded like in I Mudd, where he is surrounded by the 500 Stellas at the end. The gestures were exactly the same!

Arlene "T'Pring" Martel has a semi recurring role on Hogan's as the Underground operative 'Tiger'..

Not to mention a bunch of other Trek related people showing up - most notably John Hoyt, who must played 20 different German generals in Hogans over the years!
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