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Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)

Well, I watched the two-part series premiere of Enterprise. My first impression: better than I remembered. (Granted, I don't remember all that much.) The CGI scenes look very nice, and the acting is more or less decent; at least, no one stands out as exceptionally bad. The Suliban are creepy and cool. And I was pleased to see James Cromwell in a cameo as Cochrane. I love that guy. I also forgot how much I enjoy John Billingsley in... well, pretty much everything. He's so versatile. And I love his voice.

I didn't recall the infamous gel-rubbing scene being in the very first episode. For some reason, I thought it happened later in the series. All I can say is, it made Seven of Nine's wardrobe look demure in comparison. LEAST subtle attempt to pull in viewers EVER.

Also, is it just me, or does Jolene Blalock make kind of a lousy Vulcan? I don't know if it's the acting or the writing, but she comes across as way more emotional than the average Vulcan; she seems unusually haughty, disrespectful, and petty. She even said something about being "pleased" when their mission was over. Maybe there's something about T'Pol that I don't know yet, and that will be revealed later on, but right off the bat, she's a far less convincing Vulcan than Spock, and he's half-human. Hoping her character will improve.

Anyway. It was pretty good. And Trip is cute. So I'll keep watching.

However, I will be skipping over the opening credits. God, that theme song!
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