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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

If we're talking about niggles, I 'mm also not sure that the missile could still launch while on the surface if they'd been prepped for launch at depth, the 'five thousand years' line would mean that Skaldak was frozen one to three thousand years before Varga (your Ice Warriors dating may vary), and that Martian shiip was a darn sight more capable than the ones Slaar had a century-ish later (byut then, most Troughton era alien fleets were unrealistically rubbish, still dependent on 1950s navigation tech).
All niggles... a good solid 7 or 8/10 monster at large story. The sort of thing that comes top of the polls in a weak season, second from last in a great one, mid-range in most.
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