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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

A fun Dr Who, though not as deep as last week's, but then they can't all be, can they? That said, it was, how shall we say, built entirely from references to other DW stories and various movies. On the plus side, it *just* avoided triggering me to tears at an early point (and probably just by editing - I suspect if the time slot was a few seconds longer it would have - and would have pissed me off as that'd have been three weeks running), and Warner and Cunningham were fantastic.

I can actually nitpick the sets and militaria to quite a degree this week, though - I've been aboard a cold war era former Soviet sub, and they're nothing like that bloody spacious (I know, a production necessity), nor do they have smooth floors, refer to the control room as the bridge, nor have FN Browning Hi-Powers as the crew's sidearms. Though it's nice to see the AKs (or more likely Norinco copies) actually used in the correct period, rather than the year five billion for a change...
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