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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

This one favours e-books for several reasons:

1) Storage: My shelf was about to burst, then I stopped buying physical books and my BF and I begun to get rid of my physical Star Trek collection.

2) Travelling: At the moment, I'm living in a foreign country. Imagine I'd have to buy all the dead trees individually and then send them home! Instead, everything is on three handy devices: Kindle, laptop, smartphone.

3) Cost: E-books are significantly cheaper than most printed editions, esp. for books no longer available.

4) Availability: New reading sustenance is just a few clicks away, unlike printed editions. Without Kindle, I wouldn't have gotten old books like Distant Shores. Also, standing in the street waiting for my friend to arrive, I can just flip out my smartphone and continue reading - sparing me to carry a book around.

5) Handiness: No book marks, no back slapping shut when I lie it down for a moment, no different sizes of books making storage a nightmare - just a file on multiple devices. Book marks - good riddance!

6) Vanity: By the Sword of Kahless, this is 21st century technology at its best! Next thing I want to see going the way of dinosaur after printed books are physical cables. "Would you kindly die?"
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