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Re: Poll: 7x08 Cold War review and discussion

Missed the start, but gave this a Nice Warrior! based on what I did see. This was a very good old-school romp and for my money the best of the 2013 batch so far. Good to see Warner and Cunningham on the show, and I thought I detected one or two minor nods to Warner's prior association with the franchise. Jenna-Louise Coleman continues to impress, too.

I thought of the HADS the moment the TARDIS started wheezing. Hasn't been used on-screen since The Krotons, if I recall. That and the setting gave this what I can describe as a Troughtonesque feel.

The Ice Warrior impressed. Great use of the voice, and nice to see Gatiss doing something new with the concept by having this one out of armour. Speaking of Gatiss, I think this is probably his most robust Who episode to date.

Did anyone take note when the Ice Warrior mentioned the "old times" and it seemed to put the Doctor almost off-kilter? It took me back to Lady Peinforte's conversation with the Doctor in the 25th anniversary story Silver Nemesis, which I think is being added to the iPlayer catalogue today. In that story Peinforte referred to the "Old Time" on Gallifrey, a time of chaos, and raised what we now think of as the First Question. Could be nothing, of course.

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Wish the ending was a bit less Disney as I really liked the grittier, Saward-esque feel to most of the episode but it was a solid story.
It did seem to have a bit of an Earthshock vibe with the confined setting and the hapless redshirts being essentially turned to mush/chunks.
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