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Re: Fist Warp Flight - Fist Contact Question

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There's also this bit from "Peak Performance":

LAFORGE: The hard part's going to be calibrating the thermal curve necessary to start a controlled reaction.
RIKER: Assuming you can, can you regulate the reaction?
WESLEY: There's just enough crystal to do it. We plan to channel the reaction through the chips.
LAFORGE: Are we good?
RIKER: You're better than good. Great. Brilliant. It's going to be fun. Carry on.
That seems to suggest that the function of the dilithium crystals is to somehow regulate the matter/antimatter reaction, rather than to provide the fuel for it.
I have always gotten this impression as well.

The question I have is, was there any indication that Cochrane used a matter/anti-matter reaction that first time?
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