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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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Given his resources, choosing to dress up in a funny rubber suit and dart off into the night to fight a one man war on crime is suspect, to say the least.
As I already said, that would be true in our world, and maybe in the movie universes where he's one of a kind, but it makes no sense as an argument applied to the universe he occupies in comics and animation, where costumed crimefighting is a commonplace occupation.

Then again, every occupation has to start somewhere. Lots of innovators and pioneers have been considered deranged by their less imaginative peers.
Batman is wholesomely unrealistic character that would no make no impact in a real life urban city. Though I wonder what would happen if a person who had comic book Batman abilities were to exist in the real world(our world) and fight crime in a city like say Detroit, or New Orleans. Would he be successful?
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