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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

53. My Awkward Sexual Adventure (✩✩✩✩) - Download - A guy's who's bad in bed enlists the help of a stripper to make his girlfriend jealous so that she'll take him back. It's an independent Canadian film. It doesn't have the gloss of a big budget comedy, but I found it to be quite good. It wasn't raunchy, but it had a lot of good sexual content. The lead wasn't as charismatic as he could have been but he was serviceable and played the part.

54. The Oh in Ohio (✩✩) - DVD - Some story about a bored wife who can't have an orgasm and what she does to rectify the situation. It had an all-star cast that included Paul Rudd, Parker Posey and Danny DeVito, and it had what sounded like an interesting premise, but wow! It completely and utterly fell apart 30 minutes in. The wife solved her problem pretty quickly, then the movie went off on some odd tangents. I wonder how stuff like this happens.

Theatre: 7
Blu-ray: 5
DVD: 14
Live TV: 12
Download: 15
YouTube: 1
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