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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

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Anything from Emperor Tiberius.
I've never gotten into "Dark Ezri." I know this sounds pedantic, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I really have trouble taking stories seriously when the copyediting is that slapdash. And I know that I'm missing good stuff because of this reaction, but I just can't help it. I think "if the author couldn't be bothered to give this story one more read-through... why should I?"
Heh ... To each his own, I guess.
That's strange, I always thought ET was pretty good on the editing front, oh the occasion mispelt word here and there but most writers are guilty of that. Certainly I've always looked on his work as something to aspire to because it flows so naturally and is so error free.

You might want to avoid Vesta in that case though try as I might the errors creep in, but then this is a hobby and there's a limit to how much time one can spend poring over their own work when it hasn't got to pass a publisher's gaze. Harsh I know, but true. I just hope people can look beyond a few misplaced words to see the story and characters beneath.
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