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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

I was thinking if the destroyed moon would really have such a devastating effect as it was depicted.

It wasn't blown fully apart. The aliens just blew a chunk out of it and it remained in one piece for the most part. The rest of the debris was trailing behind it in it's orbit.
Tidal forces may have lessened actually a bit since gravity was a little more spread out around the moon's orbit.
Would that cause tsunamis, vulcanic eruption and earthquakes?
Well, I could see larger pieces of moon debris falling to earth and be basically like big meteor impacts.

The twists were mostly pretty obvious.

The low tech "aliens" which were not shown until the full reveal of their humanity.

The giant space station just 50 years in the future actually being the source of the alien invasion.

The memory wipe of Jack and his partner and the retarded control question telegraphed right at the beginning that something was wrong with "mission control"

The danger zone was introduced quite late, but it was obvious that radiation wasn't the problem there.

Can anyone tell me where Jack got the second intact life pod at the end? I thought only one was salvagable?
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