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Re: Good or Interesting Web Shows

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I just saw all 15 episodes of Brent Spinder's Fresh Hell and I absoluteley loved it. It was laugh out loud hilarious and it had heart. It was one of the best projects I've seen in a while. I also like the song they close each episode with. I'd like to say that it would make a great show because the concept is so good and it's well put together, but it's probably too much of a niche thing. I guess it's fine right where it is with 10-minute segments.
We spent some time talking to him at the San Francisco convention, and I told him how much I loved Fresh Hell. He told us a little bit about making it, which sounded a lot like a bunch of friends with a video camera (very shoestring budget). He also told us he had been nominated for some kind of web-based award for Best Actor in a web series (or something like that).

He was genuinely appreciative and said that he fully intends to make more. He was talking about a Kickstarter campaign, but seemed very reluctant to go that route. It sounded like he was thinking more of a YouTube channel.

Anyway, "Patrick Stewart has the stinkiest nuts in Hollywood!"

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