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Re: The Newsroom Season 2 returns on July 14th!

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For all fans of the show some good news finally..

Tea Party enemy show, the scourge of the hard Right Wing Republicans and the most boring series for the unwashed masses will return on July 14th!

I for one can't wait to see them cover the presidential election and whatever other news broke
I hear that Mitt Romney will play a prominent role in season 2. I've heard that Patton Oswald is going to join the cast. I just ordered cable again after a 4-month break and I will be able to get HBO. Aaron Sorkin remains one of my favorite writers.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
That's still quite a long way off. I had hoped for a June premiere. The premise of the premiere sounds quite intriguing and I'm definetely looking forward to the new season. I must know what Will's message to Mac really said and more importantly, she needs to know. Anyway, we got left with some interesting cliffhanger-like developments. Will blackmail ultimately prevail? Will the love rectangle be resolved?

I'm not sure it would still fit into the time frame of the season and it probably makes me sound rather tasteless but I would love to see the show cover Sandy. After all, the show is based in New York.
I hear that the blackmail will ultimately lead to a lawsuit and that Reese will probably be bringing it. There's supposedly a lawyer joining the regulars. I was glad they found a way for the security guard to stick around. I think Allison Pill's character will not be marrying Don. I can't see it happening. Mac and Will need to get together this season. Period. Really looking forward to July.
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