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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

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I've saved all of my epub e-books from my Nook onto my laptop. As long as I have something that can use the epub format will I still be able to access them? Could they still take them away or block access to them if I have copies that aren't on my Nook?
Yes, they could "take them away" if B&N should go out of business and stop supporting the proprietary DRM they layer on top of epub. In other words, your Nook epubs are only readable on a Nook (or B&N-provided applications) that can be unlocked with your B&N account.

If B&N goes away (which isn't unthinkable, at this point) the ability to read your books could go away.

One major advantage of physical over digital. Plus this can also occur if you travel to another country and the publisher in your country doesn't have the rights in the other country.
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