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Re: Are All Universes Ultimately Connected?

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Do you think that all universes are ultimately connected? Not just the various Star Trek universes (e.g., the DS9 Mirror Universe), but all fictional universes, such as the Robocop universe, the Terminator universe, the He-Man universe, the DC and Marvel universes, etc. Even cartoon universes, such as the Looney Tunes universe.

Could someone theoretically travel to any of these fictional universes (all being a part of the multiverse), or are they not connected in any way?

Technically the answer is no, since only things that can happen do happen in the alternate realities - and things like He-Man or Harry Potter or superheroes with magical powers and outrageous backstories don't really fit with how things work in Star Trek's world. They're too different to say they're the result of X or Y happening differently in the distant past.

That said, if you're watching or reading a crossover story and it's done well, it's easy enough to suspend disbelief for the duration of that story. And Trek has given it's characters super ("Plato's Stepchildren") and magical ("Magicks of Megas Tu") powers before, although those episodes are usually ignored in the grand scheme of things.
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