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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

judge alba wrote: View Post
i always had a problem with this idea of the saucer detaching to allow the families to escape to safety in a combat i mean if an enemy attacks the saucer only has impulse engines (as far as i know anyway) to escape so it wouldn't get very far.
In Peter David's novel series New Frontier they tried to remedy this by installing warp drive on the Galaxy-class Excalibur-A.

But this rises the question to my mind of why did the odyssey (i think that was the ship name) in ds9 drop off its non combatants at ds9 rather then just park the saucer?
I've got no guess as to the fictional reason, but real-world was likely due to the (in)availability of the 6-foot Enterprise-D for filming; only the six-footer was able to separate, but that model was likely being refurbished by ILM for its upcoming appearance in Star Trek Generations.
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