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Re: What should be the next musical adapted for the movies?

Strange. I was thinking of Sunset Boulevard as poss film musical the other day. Not sure why. Maybe was a movie first! Durr. I reckon Meryl's the only one who could box office Desmond.

Miss Saigon would seem an obvious follow-up to Les Mis. Equally big and bathetic. I can see Cabaret remake as maybe a high production value TV movie, and would probably work better as that rather than being opened out or Chicagoe'd. Get Fassbender in it. And let Anna Kendrick do her Sally Bowles.

I read somewhere Into The Woods was being filmed? Could be interesting, as would have the whole musical/fantasy/fairytale/vfx thing going for it a la Wicked.

I'd love to see another movie one day like Streets Of Fire or The Five Heartbeats. Unlikely though.
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